A perfect little tech-savvy genie for schools and colleges that makes life easy for administrations, teachers, students and parents.


All-in-one integrated application for modern schools and colleges.

The endeavour of managing schools and colleges isn’t easy. Connecting the stakeholders – the administration, teachers, students and parents is a time-consuming process and can gobble up a lot of time. This we seek to ease. ENSYFi is a solution that aims to simplify administrative and managerial process of schools and colleges, which include gathering, storing and processing information. The integrated web and mobile applications connect teachers with students and parents for a seamless productivity round the clock. ENSYFi is a culmination of our deep understanding of how educational institutions work and the blending of relevant technologies for delivering a world-class product.


Thoughtfully built modules for stakeholders of educational institutions.


Admin module manages all activities of an educational institution such as managing student details, admission process, scheduling classes, exams, and much more, on a real-time basis.


Be it taking attendance, assigning homework, scheduling an event, or anything that involves manual effort, Teacher module helps teachers get rid of paper works so they can focus on their primary goal - teaching.


Parent module makes parents stay informed about their child’s activities in the school. Reports on attendance, homework, exams and everything that needs to be notified will be promptly delivered to them.


Student module synchronizes with parent module. It enables students to keep track of their homework, attendance, submissions, classes, exams, on duties, events and other details.

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