The perfect little tech-savvy genie for schools and colleges that makes life easy for administrators, teachers, students and parents


Centralised Operations

A Single Portal for Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents

Administrative Control

Fee Collection, Leave Management, Circulars/Notifications and Approvals & Sanctions (in and out campus), Multi-level Tracking

Students’ Helpdesk

Access Home Assignment, Mark Sheets, Attendance Records


Learn about: Extra Co-curricular Activities, Sports, Teachers’ & Students’ Profile

Parental Controls

Monitor Attendance, Access: Mark List, Notifications, Fee Payment History, Holiday Listing, Send Communication, Receive SMS alerts


Send (automated) and Receive SMS alerts, Create User Groups, Assign Multi-level Authorities, Customise Features, Privacy Controls, User-friendly Display, Round-the-Clock Access, Multi-channel Support

Fees Management

Fee Notifications,Paid/Unpaid Updates,Fee due dates

Teachers’ Tools

It allows teachers to take attendance on the mobile app and all reporting is automated through the administrator.

All-in-one App for Modern Schools & Colleges

Running a school or College is a complex endeavour; we know. Connecting the stake holders – the administration, teachers, students and parents is a time-consuming process and can gobble a lot of time. This we seek to ease.

Ensyfi is a solution that aims to simplify administrative processes and connect teachers with students and parents in a seamless environment round the clock. The solution is a culmination of our deep understanding of how educational institutions work and the blending of relevant technologies for delivering a world-class product.



ENSYFi is designed for Educational Institute, teachers, parents and students, keeping in mind their needs and requirements.


Teachers, parents & students stay connected at all times.


Helps in eliminating the paperwork, Class notes and other information are communicated securely.


Parents are updated with Activity updates, class assignments and important school alerts.


Students are updated with Attendance, Performance, class assignments and important school alerts.

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